4 Major Reasons to outsource your business laundry

4 Major Reasons to outsource your business laundry

2) Cost Effective

High volumes of laundry can be costly. Aside from the cost of machinery comes water, electricity and labour costs which can be expensive depending on the volumes of washing you have at any one time. Outsourcing through a commercial laundry service means that everything is already dealt with.

3) Space Saver

If your business has an extensive linen range it will require designated space, particularly with large bulks. You will require devoted laundry facilities and personnel to ensure you are providing quality, clean linen.

4) Quality Care  

At Stalbridge Linen, we pride ourselves on providing quality checked products to all of our customers. We don’t cut any corners to ensure that all of our customers receive the highest quality. Our staff are fully trained and know to spot stains, holes, creasing and fading whilst ensuring all linen is packed and stored correctly to return to our customers in pristine condition.

Aside from these major reasons, outsourcing your laundry ensures a hassle-free process, allowing your business to focus on its core tasks and advance towards future goals.

Have we convinced you? If you think outsourcing your laundry could benefit your business, why not contact Stalbridge Linen? Our professional laundry service ensures that all products are delivered back in pristine linen condition.
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