4 reasons why towels are more important to your hotel guests than you might think

4 reasons why towels are more important to your hotel guests than you might think

In this blog, we’re going to talk about towels. Often the bath towels and other hotel linen might be pretty far down your list of priorities, but we’re here to tell you that this shouldn’t be the case! Here are 5 reasons why towels in your hotel are probably more important than you think they are.

1. They’re crucial for a good first impression
When a guest checks in to their hotel room, the first thing they are likely to see is their bed; whether it looks inviting, clean, comfortable and presentable, and then the bathroom. Guests will look to see if the towels are clean, thick, luxurious and well presented.
Making a great impression in a hotel is key to encouraging positive reviews and it’s no doubt that cleanliness and presentation of your luxury bath towels and high-quality hand towels highly important influencing factors.

2. They add heaps to the look and style of a hotel room
When you choose the towels in your establishment, you’ll have a great deal of options. With our professional linen hire service you can choose from a great selection of thick, luxurious towels. Whatever hotel linen needs you have, we have the range to suit.

3. Towels are imperative for your guests’ overall comfort
When it comes to successful hotels, comfort is king! Make sure your beds are snug and your towels are big, fluffy and cosy. This will have a huge impact on your guests’ impression of your hotel.

4. Quality hotel towels add to an overall feel of cleanliness
As with the comfort added by quality towels, you will also add to the feel of cleanliness in your hotel. Even spotless rooms can feel even more so with the addition of pristine, quality assured towels.

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