A Guide To Restaurant Wear

A Guide To Restaurant Wear

While some restaurants adopt a more casual dress code and allow employees to wear what they want, most usually employ a dress code. Here is a guide to restaurant wear that is commonly seen by staff.

Chef Jacket

The chef’s jacket is one of the most recognisable motifs in the world of dining. It is usually a double-breasted long sleeve jacket that buttons up. It is made from material, usually thick cotton, that is designed to help protect from the splattering of boiling liquids. The cotton is also designed to be breathable, letting chefs work in the high-temperature environment of a kitchen without overheating.


In some cases, the button colour on the jacket symbolises whether you are a qualified chef or not. Students wear white buttons while qualified chefs wear black buttons. For the summer weather or for roles in the kitchen that don’t require as much protection, you can also get short sleeve jackets.



Using the same principle as chef’s jackets, chef trousers are designed for safety and breathability. They are usually made of a fabric that will protect from stains and won’t make the wearer too hot.


Toque Blanche

While not used as often in the kitchen anywhere, a toque Blanche is a white chef’s hat. The height and number of folds usually represent rank within a kitchen and how many techniques a chef has mastered. Nowadays there is less focus on wearing a toque Blanche, with many just wearing no hat or using a hair net.



An apron is also worn for safety purposes, used to protect against spills and stop food from staining your clothes. Apart from chefs, aprons are also commonly worn by servers as part of a uniform. An apron will sometimes have pockets, enabling a chef or server to carry things they might need. This could be kitchen utensils, a notebook to take orders or spare menus.


You can normally get aprons in two versions, a bib apron usually goes around the neck and covers the whole body, while a waiter's apron usually wraps around the waist, leaving the top of the body exposed.


Polo Shirts

A great way to give your servers a united look is to have them wear an identical uniform. An ideal choice is a polo shirt. You could have your restaurant's name or logo embroidered or printed onto it to show your branding. Black or dark coloured polos are also better to hide any potential stains that could happen while carrying food or dirty dishes.


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Published on: February 25, 2022

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