Best practices for your hotel - making a great first impression

Best practices for your hotel - making a great first impression

In order to make sure your hotel is giving the best first impression to your guests, you can follow these simple steps.



First impressions start before your guests walk through the door of your hotel. By the time they arrive, guests will already have an idea of what to expect from your hotel’s booking system. Ensure your website is kept up to date and looks the part, make sure that telephone operators have great customer service skills and keep all booking processes simple and clear. Any confusion at this point will be hard to recover from.



Keep all of the entrances to your hotel clear and well presented. If you have a car park or drive, take the time on these areas to clear away rubbish or weeds and keep them easily accessible and smart.


Checking in

A key point at this stage is how friendly and attentive your staff are. Check-in needs to be smooth and quick, without any confusion or  glitches.



This is such a big factor when it comes to first impressions. Your guests want to walk into a pristine and well-maintained hotel. Whether you’re running a small quirky B&B, or a large, high-end hotel, there is no room for error when it comes to cleanliness. Ensure that all hotel linen is professionally laundered and immaculate and that all floors and surfaces are  clean and clear.



Present your hotel as the luxury accommodation that it is. Bouquets of flowers on reception, fluffy, cosy towels in all bathrooms, beautifully laundered table cloths in the dining area -  thinking about these details will make all the difference.


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