Bring in the new year in your hotel with a quick stress-free overhauling

Bring in the new year in your hotel with a quick stress-free overhauling

Bedroom quality checks
It’s a good idea to go through the bedding and soft furnishings in your guest rooms regularly. This time of year why not go through and make sure that the mattresses, duvets, and pillows are all high quality and not suffering from any wear and tear.

Filling holes and touching up paint
It’s only natural that little marks and scratches will appear on the walls of your hotel over time. Keeping an eye on these unavoidable imperfections will mean you can simply touch up walls and ceilings without having to paint entire rooms unnecessarily.

Kitchen quality checks
Carrying out an overhaul of your hotel kitchen can be very expensive, and can mean that there will be some time that the kitchen will need to close and you’ll risk losing revenue. Short of a full overhaul, January is a good time to check through things like utensils, equipment, and other items which are used daily. Do you need new knives or a different fridge? Now is a good time to make these changes.

Hotel linen
Everything from bed linen, tablecloths, napkins, and bathroom towels should be pristine and immaculate at all times in your hotel. One way you can stay on top of this is to regularly go through all the hotel linen, one by one, checking for imperfections and replacing them accordingly.
Another way you can deal with the linen in your hotel is to outsource this to a professional laundry service, such as Stalbridge. By letting us manage your professional linen, you can rest assured that year-round your hotel’s towels, tablecloths, napkins and chef’s wear is being laundered to the very highest quality, and quality checked at each and every stage. Meaning that damaged, tatty or substandard linen will be a thing of the past for your hotel.

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