Classic vs. Quirky. Finding your Restaurant linen style

Classic vs. Quirky. Finding your Restaurant linen style


Once your plan is in place for the kind of style you want for your restaurant, then you need to put your mind to decorating your establishment. Putting the final touches can be great fun! Think about the differences between the tablecloths and other restaurant linen in a fine dining restaurant compared to a walk-in cafe. The difference in colours, patterns, and cloth designs must all be considered in order to create an appropriate ambiance for your restaurant.


Think outside the box

Traditionally, white is the go-to shade of restaurant linen. Especially for high-end restaurants and hotels. But that’s not the only option. If you have a look through our brochure, you can choose from a range of colours and styles.


Fine dining

White tablecloths, napkins and other table linen is generally a winner with fine dining. The impression you give when greeting your guests with pristine, white table linen is one of cleanliness, class, elegance and traditionalism.

A more layered, white tablecloth will give off the impression of a high-end dining experience that requires a reservation. This style can be used to your advantage to curate an atmosphere of class and expense in your restaurant.


Casual dining

With more casual dining restaurants, the incorporation of bright linen shades will give off a livelier atmosphere. If you want to feel a bit more interesting, or unusual, this could be the solution for your restaurant linen. This is perfect for attracting customers that may be walking by your café or lunch shop.


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