Clean Linen for All Seasons in the Heart of England

Clean Linen for All Seasons in the Heart of England

As a laundry services and linen hire company with a Grantham branch serving hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés and other establishments across the Midlands, we have had to shape our own corporate policies to accommodate seasonal shifts in demand in the heart of England and would like to share our experiences with our local customers. Although there has been a certain amount of trial and error along the way, we feel that the knowledge we have gained is sure to be useful to other companies in the hospitality industry. Whether you are running a small restaurant in the centre of Leicester, a large hotel on the outskirts of Birmingham, or a local country pub, seasonal fluctuations in demand are something you will have to deal with throughout your working life.

Forging Relationships That Will Last a Lifetime

One of the keys to managing fluctuating demand while maintaining control of every aspect of your business is the building of strong relationships with key suppliers; partnering with providers on whom you can rely completely will make navigating your way through the choppy waters of the hospitality industry a much simpler process. These relationships can help you to achieve the following goals:

  • Ability to Quickly Increase or Decrease Your Linen Stock – By partnering with a laundry services company in the Midlands that specialises in the hire of high quality linens for hotels and restaurants, you can ensure that you are able to respond to seasonal fluctuations at a moment’s notice. Most importantly, during busier times of the year you will be able to do so without having to increase your capital expenditure. Many hospitality establishments prefer to manage their linen requirements in house, so they can keep a close eye on quality and draw on new stock as soon as it is needed. Whilst this might at first seem like an excellent idea, it greatly reduces your room for manoeuvre when demand begins to fall. Hiring from a reputable linen provider, on the other hand, enables you to reduce stock levels as soon as you begin to enter the low season, thereby reducing costs at exactly the same time as revenue starts to fall.
  • Rapid Recruitment and Release of Casual Staff – There are two main choices when it comes to building the capacity to quickly recruit and release staff as demand waxes and wanes: rely on your own HR department to perform the necessary work or form a partnership with a local employment agency. There are many excellent agencies in Coventry, Wolverhampton, Birmingham and other cities in the Midlands so if you decide to go the latter route, you will have plenty of capable partners from which to choose. Whilst most corporate HR departments are focused on recruiting promising candidates and fostering a sense of loyalty that ensures they remain in a company’s employ for many years to come, those in the hospitality industry are more interested in finding candidates whose lifestyle makes seasonal labour a natural choice. Such candidates still have to demonstrate certain abilities and a professional attitude but if they can also fit in with the seasonal demands of your establishment then so much the better. If you choose to work with local employment agencies, finding candidates who are available year after year on a seasonal basis is not so crucial but if you wish to avoid constant training of new intake it is still desirable.
  • Appointment of Capable Managers Who Understand the Industry – Working with employment agencies in the Midlands that have access to a broad cross section of local talent should make appointing capable managers a somewhat easier task. What you are looking for when filling such positions are people with specific experience of adapting to seasonal fluctuations in demand, preferably in the hospitality industry itself, who are prepared to adopt a flexible attitude toward working hours to ensure the smooth running of your establishment during the high season. Poaching staff from rival firms may be frowned upon but it happens all the time. Poaching staff from your suppliers is a different proposition altogether and unless approached with care, such activities could seriously damage the relationships you have worked so hard to forge over the years. However, the hospitality industry is something of an anomaly as far as this practice is concerned: certain companies that have maintained strong business links over many years are more than happy to exchange members of staff when it is mutually convenient. If you are looking for a new manager to ensure that your hotel always has an ample supply of freshly laundered bed linen, where better to start your search than at your local laundry services company?

All of the strategies mentioned above can be successfully employed by companies in the hospitality industry wherever they happen to be located. If your company is operating in the Midlands, we hope you will consider a business partnership with Stalbridge Linen in Grantham as one of your first moves toward creating a support network that allows you to cope with seasonal fluctuations in demand more easily and more cost effectively.

At Stalbridge, we understand the unique issues faced by companies in the hospitality industry and we will be more than happy to help you overcome them in the future. For general information on our laundry and linen hire services or a firm quotation that covers all of your requirements in detail, please do not hesitate to call or email at any time.

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