Commercial Laundry Service can save you time and money

Commercial Laundry Service can save you time and money

The arguments surrounding this decision aren’t simple. There are lots of considerations to be made. For some businesses, volume will be a deciding factor. Large, busy hotels and restaurants haven’t the time to service laundry needs and, in city centre hotels, the space a laundry room would take up is better utilised for something that would make the business money rather than just saving a few pounds for linen hire.

Whether you’re the owner of a brand new business or an established hospitality name, you’ll want to be sure that every decision you’re making is the correct one for your specific site. Offering pristine linen condition for your staff and customers is an absolute must, and using commercial laundry services could save you time and money.

Save you time
Utilising a linen hire company will free you and your staff from the time consuming task of laundering dirty linen. Even if you’re only producing a small amount of soiled linen each week, implementing a commercial laundry service will already be saving you minutes of labour each day.

Save you money
The first way that outsourcing your laundry services will save your business money is through the hours it will save you in labour. By handing the time-consuming task of linen laundering over to Stalbridge, you and your team are free to use your time in a way that benefits your business.
You will also be free of the bills that come with having an on-premises laundry facility. Without having to shell out on detergent, washing machine upkeep or other related expenses you’ll find yourself saving money at every turn.

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