Creating a clean atmosphere in your hotel

Creating a clean atmosphere in your hotel

1. Create an inviting lobby
Your hotel lobby is the first thing your guests will see as they walk in, making it one of your
hotel’s most important features. Your guests should feel relaxed as soon as they enter the
building, and having a dirty, scruffy reception area is unlikely to achieve this. Your lobby
should be well lit with clean and inviting seating areas, and should be inspected regularly.

2. Have your linen washed regularly
No matter what, your guests will spend the majority of their hotel stay in their bedroom, so one of your biggest priorities should be ensuring that your rooms are comfortable. When people are sleeping somewhere unfamiliar, cleanliness becomes an incredibly important factor in creating a cosy bedroom. Making sure that your linen is washed thoroughly before and after every guest’s stay is absolutely crucial to creating a clean atmosphere, and to providing the hassle-free hotel experience every visitor deserves!

3. Have your linen replaced regularly
There is no better feeling than getting into a bed made with fresh sheets! Every piece of linen, from your hotel bed sheets to your chef whites, will start to grey over time – no matter how well you wash them. Instead of expecting your guests to sleep on overused linen, or to use dirty-looking towels, it’s much more professional to simply replace your linen regularly. Good linen is more than just a worthwhile investment – it’s what makes the difference between an adequate and exceptional hotel experience.

4. Keep your bathrooms clean
Your hotel rooms should create the impression that they have never been stayed in before, and keeping your bathroom immaculate is a great way to achieve this. The surfaces should be washed and polished, the mirrors cleaned, and the drains unplugged. To add the final touch, your bathrooms should be stocked with soft, fluffy towels!

5. Keep your hotel fresh
There’s one thing that many people neglect to think about, and that’s how their hotel smells. No matter how beautifully decorated it is, or how clean your surfaces are, if you hotel doesn’t smell fresh it won’t feel like a clean place for your guests to stay. Create a clean atmosphere by keeping the building well circulated, opening windows regularly, and keeping air fresheners in every room – especially smaller areas.

There’s a lot to think about when creating a clean hotel atmosphere, but with our professionalism and expertise it doesn’t have to be complicated. Visit to find out more about how our linen hire services could benefit your business.

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