Cut the festive stress for your commercial kitchen with linen hire in time for Christmas

Cut the festive stress for your commercial kitchen with linen hire in time for Christmas

One way that you can minimise the stress in your commercial kitchen this Christmas is with professional linen hire. In this blog we’ve outlined just a few ways that utilising a linen hire company can benefit you!

- One less thing to worry about
By outsourcing your laundry services you’ll be freeing up time for your staff that would otherwise be spent on sorting, washing and drying your kitchen linen. This free time will prove to be invaluable when the Christmas rush begins in your establishment! By employing a professional linen hire service to manage your restaurant linen, you’ll be able to rest assured that that’s one less thing at the end of each shift that you and your staff will need to worry about.

As well as the man hours saved on laundry, another benefit of linen hire is that it can assist with table turnover in your restaurant. See our previous blog for more information. This will be very handy during the busy, Christmas period!

- Look the part
Clean, crisp linen on your tables and being worn by your staff will make a huge positive impact on the look and feel of your restaurant or hotel. With the range of quality tablecloths, napkins, tea towels, chef’s whites and aprons available through Stalbridge Linen your restaurant (and restaurant staff) will be able to look perfect.

- Clean, fresh and quality linen
With Stalbridge Linen Services in charge of your restaurant linen management your linen will always be immaculately presented and hygienic. This means that staying on top of sanitation during busy dinner or lunch periods will be easier for you and your staff.

If you’re looking to cut the stress for your commercial kitchen with linen hire this Christmas, get in touch with our team today. Find out more - link to


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