Do You Need Linen Hire for Your Business

Do You Need Linen Hire for Your Business

Whether you’re a the owner of a brand new business or an established hospitality name, you’ll want to be sure that every decision you’re making is the correct one for your specific site. It could be a huge a decision, one that will affect every element of your company - such as the location in which you choose to set up, or a smaller choice such as the best laundry solutions to suit your needs. All of these choices will have an impact on the running of your business, your staff and the overall service you are providing to your customers.

At Stalbridge Linen Hire we offer a range of laundry services to hotels, restaurants, kitchens and other hospitality businesses. In this blog we’re going to discuss whether or not linen hire is right for the needs of your specific company.

To help you make the right choice, consider the following:

A big factor of whether or not you are capable of facilitating your laundry in-house is whether or not you have the space for washing facilities. If you already have a laundry set up, is that the best use of this space? For example, could your kitchen use this room as a dry store to allow you to save money on bulk food orders? Could your restaurant have another customer bathroom to maximise your facilities? Perhaps your hotel could have an extra room or lounge area?

If your laundry only consists of a few teatowels each week then you might feel that it’s not worth outsourcing this task. You might, however, feel the opposite, that the upkeep of washing facilities onsite isn’t worth a few teatowels here and there. In which case, linen hire could be an option for you.

Quality control
Our experience in the hospitality industry means we are well aware of the hygiene standards that must be met and you can rest assured that we never disappoint on this score. By outsourcing your linen to specialists you’ll know that every delivery is uniform, hygienic and beautifully finished by professionals. This will save you the stress when that red towel finds its way into the white bed linen.

Cut the Hassle
As well as providing, maintaining and handing all of your linen, we also offer a delivery service to some parts of the UK. Cutting all the hassle from the task of laundry!

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