Eight reasons to invest in a linen hire or commercial laundry service

Eight reasons to invest in a linen hire or commercial laundry service

We understand it's a difficult decision, with a lot of factors involved. To help you out, here are eight reasons to invest in a linen hire or commercial laundry service.

#1 Focus on your core

When you outsource your linens to a specialist service, you free yourselves up to concentrate all your efforts on your business management, and you enable your staff to devote all of their time to the core of your business, and doing what you do best.

#2 Maximise your productive floor area

Laundry equipment - especially industrial sized and powerful items - take up a massive amount of space. By taking advantage of our dedicated facilities and equipment you are freeing up as much of your own floor space as possible, to use for other things.

#3 Accurate budgeting

When you outsource the task of washing your linen, and in particular when you hire linen, your budgeting suddenly becomes a lot more accurate. You are no longer accounting for staff wages, training and workloads. When you're hiring linen this is doubly beneficial, as you won't even have to allow for the depreciation of your linen.

#4 Avoid capital investment

As a commercial laundry service, we have heavily invested in the technology and machinery we need, as well as all the latest chemicals and equipment. We're also fully versed in all the latest research and methodologies. It would require a sizable investment on your part to match our facilities and the skill level of our employees. Rather than making that large capital investment, you can pay low rates and still have all the benefits of our top-notch equipment.

#5 Simplify health and safety

When you do all of your own laundry, there are various health and safety policies you must bear in mind. Outsourcing your laundry takes all of these problems and issues off your shoulders. Leave us to worry about the safety and health of our staff and your linens, and rest easy in the knowledge that everything is well taken care of.

#6 Professionalism

There are hundreds of launderettes in operation all over the country and all of them do one thing: they clean linen. There is, however, a huge difference between using a local launderette and taking advantage of a commercial laundry service. Aside from having a larger operation that allows for more competitive prices, and superior equipment, there is a level of professionalism that comes with a commercial laundry service that you simply can't get from a launderette.

By outsourcing your laundry needs to a top-notch commercial laundry service like Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Service, you ensure that you have a professional, high-quality experience every time. 

#7 Reliability

The use of a commercial service will likewise reap rewards for your business in terms of reliability and flexibility. Whatever your needs, whether large or small, you can rest assured we have them well in hand. Whereas a fault in an in-house laundry system can put a stop to your washing for days, in the event of a technical breakdown we have more than one machine to do the job. 

You will naturally experience a fluctuation in the demand for linen, which can cause similar issues in workflow for an in-house laundry system. With a commercial service, however, all you need to do is update us on your requirements and your service will be adjusted accordingly. We have the ability to easily accommodate a much higher capacity than usual, and all you need to do is pick up the phone. As we consistently deliver high standards in a timely fashion, you will come to understand that we are an extremely reliable company, and your linens are always safe in our hands, regardless of your needs.

#8 Expertise

Finally, the main benefit to investing in linen hire or commercial laundry services is the expertise and specialist knowledge we can bring to your business. Most businesses do not have the time or resources to send their staff on regular, specialist training for every small task. If you handle your laundry in-house, it will always be one of the smaller tasks for your business, and training resources will go on higher priorities like management and customer service training.

By working with a specialist you are guaranteeing expertise. Unlike your business, our main concern is laundry, which means all our staff are trained to the highest standards, in the most recent technology and techniques. While you may send your staff on a short crash course to teach them the basics, and never give them further instruction, we maintain a consistently high standard of training in all our staff - linen and laundry are what we do. 

Are you looking for linen hire or a commercial laundry service for your business? Get in touch. We'd love to help.

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