Energy Efficient Laundry

Energy Efficient Laundry

As a green company, we’re committed to the climate levy agreement, which has set us a target of reducing our energy usage by 25% by 2020.

What actions have we taken to achieve energy efficient laundry so far?

1)    We invest £1.3 million each year in creating energy efficient laundering. In order to improve water reduction, we’ve invested in energy efficient machines that make a real difference to our environmental footprint. Our water usage has been reduced by 50% following the introduction of new machinery and water technology, and washing temperature now functions at 20°C lower than before.
2)    We use drying machines which are fitted with infrared sensors. These switch off the heat source once the desired temperature has been reached, saving drying time by 15-20%.
3)    Stalbridge Linen uses GreenEarth® cleaning which operates using non-toxic chemicals during the dry cleaning process. Liquid silicone is used in place of petrochemicals, which gently carries dirt and oil away from the fabric. This leaves our products with a soft, supple feel.
4)    Our washing detergents are free of phosphates and perfume, readily biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
5)    We’ve invested in improving the efficiency of our transport on commercial vehicles that deliver to our customers across the UK. Our drivers have completed fuel efficient training to improve our MPG and CO2 emissions and our routes have been carefully planned.
6)    Our workforce and customers have grown with us throughout the green changes we have made. We’ve improved the way we deliver our service information by introducing an online extranet portal to access stocks, as well as offering email invoices to reduce delivery emissions and paper.

As a green company, we’re conscious of our impact on the environment and are constantly thinking of innovative ways of reducing our environmental footprint.

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