Environmentally Friendly Linen

Environmentally Friendly Linen

Because we’re so proud of our sustainable business, we wanted to share with you just a few changes we’ve made over the last few years to honour our commitment to the environment.

-    Biodegradable detergents
All of the detergents we use during our laundry processing are readily biodegradable. This means less waste is being produced, and more energy is being saved!

-    Water recycling
As operations director Alan Mulholland states -
“Our use of water is monitored very carefully and we have implemented a range of systems to ensure that it is used and recycled as efficiently as possible.” The changes made over the last 12 years have meant that amount of water per kilo of laundry processed is now five litres as compared to 10 litres.

-    Eco-friendly machinery
Our washing machines are using less new mains water for each wash than ever before. Meaning less energy is being used to heat the water each time and less water is being wasted. In our dryers we are now using cutting edge infrared heat detection so that washed items are conditioned perfectly and the driers are not running unnecessarily, keeping energy use low and our products in first class condition. We also now have steam ironers that rely on a separate boiler system that heat up in a fraction of the time.

-    Low CO2 logistics options
One major change we’ve implemented has been a complete overhaul of our vehicle fleet. By streamlining delivery routes and training better driving techniques we’re able to minimise  MPG and C02 emissions.

-    Innovative Ekocloth
We pride ourselves in the use of Ekocloth in some items of chefs’ wear. Ekocloth is a recycled fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and PET packaging. It has all the functional qualities of polyester such as durability and strength, but it is stronger and producing it is much kinder on the environment.

Find out more on http://www.stalbridge-linen.com/about-us/environment

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