Factory Investment at Stalbridge

Factory Investment at Stalbridge

Keeping our service modern and efficient is high on our priority list so we continually invested in our factories.

We have recently installed a new Towel Folder in our factory at Milborne Port where we have instantly seen a vast improvement on the finishing of our towels.

Our factory in Christys Lane has under gone a big project installing a new state of the art bag system which keeps the linen off the floor to help improved the cleanliness of the linen.

At Sturminster Newton we are currently installing a new Continuous Batch Washer (CBW). From previous experience, we know that a more up to date CBW provides us with a better wash and enables us to wash at a lower temperature.

We also have plans to install a new feeder and a folder/stacker for our Glasgow plant.

All of the investments made provide us with more advanced machinery, which is better for our environment and helps us deliver a better quality product for our customers.

Posted: April Fresh thinking