Four Essentials Every Hotel Bathroom Needs

Four Essentials Every Hotel Bathroom Needs

A luxurious shower

Not all guests will have time to soak in the bathtub, so it’s important to have a luxury shower available too. The shower is arguably one of the most important features of a bathroom, in terms of both functionality and style.


At the very least, it’s important that the shower is powerful and of high quality. There’s nothing more disappointing than stepping into a hotel shower only to find that it’s weak or not working correctly. Consider investing in raindrop showerheads to give your guests a truly luxurious experience.

Adequate lighting

Installing the right lighting in your hotel bathroom is key. Without the right lighting, the room will look dark and dingy, which is far from pleasant for your guests. The best light is natural light so, if possible, make use of big windows. Upgrade lightbulbs to create a bright, welcoming light that will make the smooth surfaces and sleek mirrors in the bathroom shine.

A big mirror

Every bathroom should have a mirror - but how you use it can completely transform the space. The mirror in a hotel bathroom should act as focal point of the room, opening up the space and making the room look bigger. Your guests should be able to stand close enough to apply their makeup and check their teeth, and far enough away from it to look at their outfit. Adding sufficient lighting around the mirror also helps to ensure that your guests can do their hair and makeup clearly.

Fluffy towels

There’s nothing better than stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself up in a thick, fluffy towel - and this is something that many hotel guests look forward to during their stay. Hotel towels should never be hard or scratchy; instead, they should be light, fluffy and clean, making each guest feel like they are the first person to use it. High-quality towels can transform the hotel bathroom experience and make a guest’s stay feel more luxurious.


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