Four Innovative Ways To Market Your Restaurant

Four Innovative Ways To Market Your Restaurant

Branded Cloth Napkins and Kitchen Linen

If you have high-quality food at your restaurant, it’s important to continue that trend of luxury in other areas of your business. Using high-quality, branded cloth napkins and kitchen linen products is a great way of subtly marketing your business to your customers. As your restaurant grows, you could even begin selling these to customers or giving them away as competition prizes.

Online Contests

Contests are an excellent way to build engagement with your customers. Running a competition online will ensure your customer base is actively communicating with you. You could run a cooking competition with customers attempting to copy a trademark dish as best as they can, or offer a prize for an online food and drinks quiz curated by you. Whatever type of contest you run, you will be building a relationship with customers and promoting yourself to new ones at the same time.

Eating Competitions

Moving from online to in-house, you could organise a regular eating contest at your restaurant, with the winner walking away with some free meal tokens. This gets people into your restaurant, trying the food and is a fun and experiential way to market your organisation. Offering discounts to those attending is another great way to ensure the turnout is high.

Loyalty Cards

There’s a reason why your wallet is always filled to the brim with loyalty cards; because they are an incredibly effective marketing strategy. If you haven’t already set up a loyalty system to give customers discounts, now is the time to start!

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