Four Unusual Decor Ideas For Your Restaurant

Four Unusual Decor Ideas For Your Restaurant

Whether you’re in the planning process of opening a restaurant or you’re going through a renovation, getting the decor right in your restaurant can make a world of difference to your success. Of course, the quality of the food and service must always take precedence. However, having an alluring design and paying close attention to the details will ensure people come back and tell their friends. To give you a helping hand, we’ve listed some great decor ideas for your restaurant.

Branded Kitchen Linen and Cloth Napkins

Ensuring that your branding is visible everywhere in your restaurant is an excellent marketing strategy. Dovetailing your marketing and decor by using branded cloth napkins is a great way to to be unique and business-savvy. Using high-quality cloth napkins and splashes of colour for the embroidery will make each table stand out and ensure your branding remains front and centre during a meal.

Repurpose and Upcycle

Repurposed and upcycled bits of furniture and decoration are always striking. The opportunities are endless and can be tailored to your theme. Does your restaurant have any live music? Consider repurposing gramophones as lamps. Do you serve Italian food? Perhaps you could repurpose some old pizza peels as decoration or signage. Look for upcycling opportunities and try to create a connection between your restaurant’s personality and the decor.

Plating Up

Some restaurants have gone too far by plating up their meals on shovels and even sinks! However, there is something to be said for being more adventurous about plating up. Serving curry in an Indian thali is a great way to do something different without being too outlandish. If you can be different about how you plate without drifting into the absurd, it can create a buzz around your restaurant.

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