Four Ways Domestic Washing Machines Can Cost Your Business

Four Ways Domestic Washing Machines Can Cost Your Business

Domestic machines are less durable

High-quality washing machines used by professional laundry services are built to last. They’re designed to operate eight hours a day, whereas domestic machines are typically designed to withstand a few cycles each week. Domestic washing machines have a far shorter lifespan (around five years) and will therefore need replacing more often, which can be far more expensive than outsourcing your laundry over the years (especially when you take water and energy costs into consideration too!).


They’re not as robust

Commercial washing machines are designed to work harder. Domestic machines are simply not as robust; in a far shorter time, you can expect regularly-needed repairs and spares. A domestic washing machine simply can’t keep up with the laundry requirements of a business and will need replacing far more regularly.


Repairs can result in business downtime

When you’re paying out on repairs and waiting for a new washing machine to arrive, what happens to business? Regular repairs and replacements can lead to business downtime, meaning towels aren’t clean in time or tablecloths aren’t ready for service.


Outsourcing your laundry is one way to avoid business downtime and ensure your laundry is always ready and cleaned to the highest standards in time for service.


Infection control is vital

In all businesses, infection control is vital. From towels to uniforms and tablecloths, it’s absolutely crucial all germs are killed when items are washed. High-quality commercial washing machines used by laundry hire companies are able to reach high temperatures and hold them for prescribed periods, ensuring all germs are killed. Domestic washing machines are unable to hold these temperatures and are often not suitable for professional infection control.


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