How Can Hotels Benefit from a Linen Hire Service?

How Can Hotels Benefit from a Linen Hire Service?

What is a Linen Hire Service?

Here at Johnsons Stalbridge, our aim is to have a positive impact on our customers’ businesses by providing them with cost-effective and eco-friendly linen alternatives. Rather than buying and managing linen themselves, hospitality businesses have increasingly been looking toward companies like Johnsons Stalbridge to cover this side of the business.


Premium products will be delivered to your business premises, door to door. This could be some new chefs wear, different table linen, premium bath towels, or even all three. We have a broad range of products available for hire so there are a lot of options available to you, such as:


  • Chefs jackets and trousers in three colourways
  • Aprons in four colours and styles
  • Oven cloths and tea towels
  • Table linen and serviette sets in nine colour options
  • Elite and premier bed linen
  • Bathrobes and towels of all sizes


These products can be hired out and laundered for companies working in the hospitality and leisure sectors and there are a number of reasons why this would be beneficial for your business or operation:



It’s important that chefs and other kitchen staff present themselves in a professional manner as this will be reflected in their cooking. Chef’s jackets have been a staple since they brought a new level of respect to the profession in the nineteenth century. They don’t just improve the professionalism of kitchen staff but they also promote better hygiene, especially as all of the chef’s jackets we offer comply with our rigorous standards. Not only this but we can also provide you with kitchen cloths which are a crucial element of any kitchen, and one which requires constant washing.



As any hotel owner will know, ensuring that your guests feel welcomed and at home when they enter their room is crucial. Our top-quality products are ideal for luxury hotels because we offer different patterns, materials and types. We also offer a luxurious bathrobe and comfortable leisure towels of many sizes to make sure your guests feel relaxed and comfortable at all times. Our rigorous quality control process ensures that you only receive the best of our linen which is why our 88% customer satisfaction rating is roughly 10% above the national average.



Similar to the bedroom, a customer’s first impression of the restaurant is important. This is why the smallest details are crucial. To make sure you make the right impression, you’ll want the serviettes to match the tablecloth and you may want these to be in line with the servers’ uniforms. We stock a range of colours including dark blue, burgundy, biscuit and buttermilk so that your linen options will be aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the rest of your decor.



Using a linen hire company like Johnsons Stalbridge can be a much more cost-effective way to manage your various fabrics and cleaning procedures. As previously covered, hotels are unique because they require linen for the kitchen, the restaurant and the various bedrooms. This makes the management of those different linens a key component of running an efficient and successful hospitality operation.


The most obvious way you’ll be cutting costs is by having much lower energy and water bills. You also won’t need to buy the equipment and materials required to clean tons of linen and you won’t need to pay an employee to do the washing, freeing them to do other jobs and tasks. Lastly, it removes the requirement to maintain, repair and potentially replace expensive equipment like heavy-duty washing and drying machines.


Choosing to hire linen rather than buying it outright also avoids a variety of upfront costs. It’ll allow you to avoid having to buy endless amounts of linen when you expand your capacity, change your interior decor, or take on new employees. Not to mention the fact that linen will need to be replaced and repaired in the future, costing more money and time.


Customer Service

At Johnsons Stalbridge, the goal is for our services to help our customers progress their businesses and operations. Here’s how our customer service achieves this:


Flexibility: We understand the seasonality of some sectors and businesses. We can match our services to your demand levels so that you can increase your stock level at busier times and reduce it at quieter times. This results in more efficient cost management because our clients won’t be overpaying for a level of service they don’t require.


Along the same vein, we offer free exchanges. If you’ve redecorated your restaurant or if you’ve changed chefs then we will accommodate these changes at no extra cost because we understand that change is healthy and essential for growing businesses.


Contract and Costs: We also have a ‘no contract policy’ which is unique in the industry, giving our customers the flexibility to change or end our services as they please. This is particularly important because it means that we retain our customers by consistently giving them our highest standards of service. Another important factor to note is that there won’t be any additional costs or residual charges because we pride ourselves on transparency.


Quality Control: An important step we take is to maintain our standards so that our customers always get the best they deserve. Part of doing this includes training our staff to process, pack and store our products in a way that reflects these standards. This is part of the reason we have a low turnaround of staff; because they deeply understand the business and that of our clients. To make sure our quality control is of standard, we employ The Leadership Factor each year to survey our clients so that we can better understand what needs changing to remain at the top of our game.


Efficiency and Sustainability

Another key reason to hire your linen rather than buying it outright and doing the laundry in-house is that it’s a better option for the environment. Here at Johnsons Stalbridge, we’ve been making a concerted effort to make sure that our operations have a positive impact on the environment. Here are some examples of the many changes we’ve made to date:


  • Overhauling our vehicle fleet and driving routes as well as retraining our drivers to have more efficient techniques
  • Sustainable investments into more efficient machines and techniques
  • Reducing waste by reusing e.g. recycling rinse water for heating
  • Biodegradable detergents and a much more accurate dosing system to reduce wastage
  • Reducing our use of plastics, particularly in our shrink wrapping process


As a result of changes like these, we’ve been able to greatly improve the efficiency of our operation, making it better for the environment. For example:

  • 3 million litres of water is saved per week
  • Energy waste has reduced from 32,915 kWh/tonne in 2008 to 18,613 kWh/tonne in 2019
  • Water waste has reduced from 11 litres/kilo in 2008 to 6.9 litres/kilo in 2019
  • Annual energy use has been reduced by 22,285 kWh.


Here at Johnsons Stalbridge, we’ve been offering specialist linen hire and laundry services since 1975. Our team of hardworking professionals will go the extra mile to meet your requirements and needs which is what has kept us at the forefront of the industry for over four decades. If you have any questions about any aspects of our linen hire and laundry services then don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0800 093 9933 today!




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