How fresh linen can help control commercial hygiene on summer days

How fresh linen can help control commercial hygiene on summer days

As the owner of a hotel, restaurant or cafe, the hygiene of your establishment is paramount. On summer days the task of keeping the environment that your staff and guests enjoy clean, fresh and pleasant can be tricky.

- Sheets and bed linen
Hotter nights mean bed linen will become unhygienic quickly. You and your staff will need to be prepared to not only potentially change beds more frequently, but also to wash the linen in a way that will ensure they come out completely clean.

- Guest towels
Hot summer weather will likely mean that your hotel guests will be showering more. The heat will also mean that towels left for too long will quickly become unpleasant and unhygienic. You will need to say on top of this to maintain a good level of cleanliness within guest rooms.

- Bath robes and leisure towels
If the weather is nice, your guests might be more inclined to use a pool or spa. This will mean these linen items needing to be laundered more frequently.

- Restaurant facilities
Serviettes and tablecloths will need to be processed more quickly. An increase in humidity means more condensation on glasses of cold drinks, more rings and marks on table cloths. You will need to stay on top of this.

- Chef’s wear
This time of year kitchens can become unpleasantly hot. Your chefs might need a change of clothes halfway through a shift. They will certainly need extra care taken when cleaning their chef’s whites. 

- Cloths
Warm weather can mean that germs spread more quickly. Dish cloths will need to be hygienically laundered frequently

By employing commercial linen services to tackle the higher demand for fresh linen you can rest assured that unpleasant and hygienic towels, bed sheets and tablecloths won’t be an issue. Implementing a linen hire company such as Stalbridge Linen will ensure your establishment can control hygiene, even on summer days.

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