How fresh linen increases the customer experience at your hotel

How fresh linen increases the customer experience at your hotel

Prioritise bedroom linen

Whatever your guests’ circumstances may be, they will almost definitely spend the majority of their stay in their bedroom. Make it one of your biggest priorities that the bedrooms in your hotel are comfortable, clean and welcoming.
When people are sleeping somewhere unfamiliar, cleanliness becomes an incredibly important factor in creating a cosy bedroom. Making sure that your bed linen is washed thoroughly by a reliable source before and after every guest’s stay is absolutely crucial to creating a clean atmosphere, and to providing the hassle-free customer experience every visitor deserves.

Replace linen regularly

Everyone knows that there is no better feeling than getting into a bed made with fresh sheets Every piece of linen, from your hotel bed sheets to your chef whites, will start to grey over time – no matter how well you wash them. Instead of expecting your guests to sleep on overused linen, or to use dirty-looking towels, it’s much more professional to simply replace your linen regularly.

If regularly replacing linen in your hotel is too time consuming or expensive, you could look to into implementing a linen hire service.

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