How Hotels Keep Their Linen Looking So Fresh

How Hotels Keep Their Linen Looking So Fresh
  • Specialist laundry services – in an ideal world, hotel bed sheets and pillowcases don’t just need to look clean, they need to look as if they have never been used before. The only way to ensure that bed linen is so white and fresh that it could pass for new, is to entrust the washing process to a specialist firm with the operatives and machinery to be able to achieve this level of cleanliness every single time they launder a sheet, pillowcase or duvet cover.
  • Changing all linens every time a guest leaves – this is something that should go without saying but lesser establishments, or their poorly paid staff, may try to take shortcuts that result in unused towels or clean-looking sheets being left unchanged for the next guest. However, this is something that a reputable hotel will never do and because the best establishments are fastidious about replacing all linens before a room is declared fit for occupation, they always looks fresh and clean.
  • Experienced staff members – the best procedures and materials in the world are of little use if you do not have a team of workers who know how to utilise them effectively. Top hotels employ a housekeeping staff comprised of people continually on the lookout for linen that needs to be retired because it no longer looks as good as new and their diligence is one of the main reasons that these establishments are able to keep their guests happy with fresh, clean, beautiful linens.

As you can see, it is not so much trade secrets that enable hospitality companies to keep everything looking so fresh and clean but rather hard work and attention to detail. The next time you check in and smooth your hand over pristine white sheets, you will know just what it took to ensure such a wonderful welcome.

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