How to Make Your Hotel Laundry Process More Sustainable

How to Make Your Hotel Laundry Process More Sustainable

Why is it important to make your laundry sustainable?


  • You can save a lot of water by making sensible choices about your laundry routine.
  • Less detergent and chemicals will be used
  • Your business will operate in a much greener way.


Sustainable laundry tips


Hire a professional linen service

When you hire hotel linen you have the convenience of having it collected and delivered which can save you a lot of time. But, this also means that everything gets washed at once so instead of putting on multiple washing loads in-house which is not the best way of conserving water, no water is wasted.


Ask guests if they would like their bed changed

If a guest is staying with you for more than one night, you shouldn’t assume that they would like their linen changed. Of course, putting on fresh bedding between guests is important for good hygiene but if the same guests are staying in the room it isn’t always necessary. Give them the option by leaving door hangers in the rooms so they can let the housekeeping team know.


Wash your linen at lower temperatures

There are some linen items that you may still be washing in-house and if that’s the case, be mindful of how hot your cycles are. You can still achieve sparkling white bedding without using boiling hot temperatures which consume a lot of energy - plus, washing laundry too hot increasing the risk of shrinkage! Lowering the temperature from hot to warm can cut your consumption in half!




At Stalbridge Linen Service, our commitment to the environment means we’ve managed to save  3,000,000 litres per week across our combined plants or 1 Olympic sized swimming pool every week! We aim to provide fresh thinking for your linen services with solutions that benefit your business all year round! Arrange your laundry delivery today - get in touch with us for more information.


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