How to make your restaurant greener

How to make your restaurant greener

- Recycle

Number 1 on your list, have a comprehensive (and easy to follow) recycling plan. This should cover as much of the waste you produce as possible, from the more widely recycled items like glass and cardboard to food waste and plastics.


- Degradable or reusable takeaway containers

One thing to consider if your restaurant offers takeaway food is what you are serving it in. There are lots of options for reusable containers, where diners pay a deposit for a stainless steel tiffin and get their money returned when they bring the tiffin back.


- Invest in efficient appliances

Whilst the initial price tag of an energy-efficient appliance might be higher than the more standard alternative, it’s an investment worth making -  both for the planet, and for your business’s bottom line.

At Stalbridge we recently made the switch to equipment that is more cost-effective to run, using significantly less energy, time and water. So all of our customers can rest assured that their hired restaurant linen is dealt with in an eco-friendly way.


- Go local

By reducing the mileage attached to the food you serve, you will, in turn, be reducing the carbon footprint of your restaurant. Plus, this can be a great incentive to support local businesses and create a unique selling point for your food!


- Choose the right suppliers

When choosing which companies to work with, check their ‘green credentials’. By choosing Stalbridge Linen Services for your restaurant linen hire, you can be confident that your table cloths, napkins, chef’s uniforms and all other restaurant linen has been laundered and processed in an ecologically responsible way.


- Clean green

An element that can have an especially negative environmental impact is cleaning products. So many of the industrial cleaning products on the market can have a hugely detrimental impact on the planet and end up acting as a long-lasting pollutant.

At Stalbridge, all of our detergents are readily biodegradable! To make your restaurant greener (like we have with our commercial laundry hire business) swap out conventional cleaners with eco-friendly brands.


To find out more about the changes we’ve made as part of our commitment to the environment, you can read more here:

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