How to Offer Your Hotel Guests Personalised Service

How to Offer Your Hotel Guests Personalised Service

Use social media to your advantage


With social media, you can make your future guests feel welcome before they’ve even decided to book a stay in your hotel! Social media is a powerful tool that every hotel can use to attract new customers and create brand loyalty amongst regular guests. Whether it’s to promote your restaurant’s new seasonal menu or to show off your hotel’s dazzling spa, harnessing the power of social media can put your establishment on the map.


It’s also a great way to make your future and current guests feel welcome. Here are just a few great ideas to consider:


  • Encourage your guests to leave reviews on your hotel’s Facebook page and spend time replying to them. When paying customers feel like their compliments and feedback are taken into consideration, they are more likely to respect and trust a brand.
  • Ask if you can re-post or share pictures and videos that your guests tag your hotel in. Your guests may be flattered that you want to use their images on your social media accounts!
  • Run competitions and giveaways on your social media pages with great prizes, such as an overnight spa stay. Once you’ve chosen your winner, let them know how excited you are to welcome them - and then make their stay one to remember!
  • Reply to messages and comments politely and professionally. Your guests may prefer to message you through Facebook or Instagram than by email, so keeping on top of these messages will help you keep up with customer demand.



Send personalised emails to your hotel guests


Once your guests have booked a stay, show them just how excited you are to welcome them to your hotel with a personalised confirmation email. Don’t just list the details of their booking; make it clear that exceptional customer service comes as standard with your hotel. Even using your guest’s name is a simple yet effective way to make your emails feel friendlier and less corporate!


You should also give your guests the chance to call ahead with any specific requests they have. Whether they want to request a gluten-free breakfast in the morning or they require a baby’s cot, make it clear that you’re willing to go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable.


Greet every guest with a warm welcome


As soon as your guests arrive, they should be made to feel welcome by your hotel staff. This is crucial to creating a great first impression! Remember - your guests may have travelled for miles to get to your hotel. They might be tired, stressed and in need of a relaxing evening. Therefore, your hotel staff should make it their priority to make them feel at home the minute they step through the door.

There are many simple ways to do this. A warm smile always goes a long way, as does asking about their journey; however, one great way to make them feel even more valued is to arrange for a welcome drink to be sent up to their bedroom. After a long journey, hot coffee or a refreshing cocktail will go down a treat!


Leave a welcome note and complimentary refreshments in guest bedrooms


Offering your hotel guests personalised service doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply leaving a handwritten note in their room will be highly appreciated! You don’t need to be Shakespeare to write a great note, either. Even just a few words wishing them a wonderful stay could be enough to make them smile.


If you want to elevate your guests’ experience even further, why not leave a few complimentary refreshments? Leaving some luxury biscuits or wrapped chocolates is a small yet touching way to help your guests settle into their stay. Don’t forget to take dietary requirements into account, too. Making sure your guests have the option to choose gluten-free, nut-free or vegan options will demonstrate that you’ve gone above and beyond.


Provide everything your guests might need


Your guests should be able to check-in and have access to everything they need for a relaxing stay, so consider this when deciding what to stock in your hotel bedrooms. Remember, different travellers will have different requirements. Give your guests the option  to update their preferences when making their booking and try to allocate them a room accordingly. For example, when catering to business travellers, consider assigning them to a room with lots of plug outlets.


You could also provide a selection of different toiletries to make sure your guests are well-equipped for a comfortable stay. In addition to luxury shampoo, conditioner and body wash, consider giving your guests the option to request beard oil, facial cleansers and make-up remover from the front desk.


Be ready to offer your guests bespoke recommendations



If your hotel guests are new to the area, they will likely appreciate recommendations from people who know the destination inside and out! With this in mind, you should make sure your hotel staff are ready to offer great recommendations that are tailored to your guests’ needs and preferences. For example, if guests are staying with children, offer a printed map with family-friendly cafes and restaurants circled.


Simple gestures like this won’t take your employees much time, but they will certainly be noticed and appreciated by your hotel guests! You should also encourage your staff to check-in with the guests during their stay in case they need further assistance.


Create a loyalty program for regular guests


The aim of any great hotel is to create brand loyalty amongst its guests. Of course, it’s important to encourage new customers to choose your hotel over others in the local area - but making sure they’re excited to come back will guarantee repeat bookings. To achieve this, why not create a loyalty program for guests who return again and again? This will make your regular guests feel valued and noticed. If your rewards are enticing enough, you will also encourage new guests to become regulars!


Your loyalty program doesn’t have to be complicated, but the more thoughtful the reward, the better. Consider allowing your guests to choose between 2-3 reward options to make sure it works for them. For example, a free afternoon in the spa may be great for a couple, but it might not work for a business traveller who has meetings all day. Bear this in mind when establishing your loyalty package.



Make sure every bed is made with the finest linen

Your beds might just be the most important part of your hotel. If your guests have a brilliant night’s sleep in an incredibly comfortable bed, they are likely to return again and again! On the other hand, expecting your guests to sleep in itchy or stained bedsheets is a recipe for disaster. Not only will they struggle to settle into their stay, but they are also likely to complain. This is the last thing any hotel wants.


Ensuring your hotel guests have a brilliant night’s sleep is key to offering personalised service and making them feel valued. To achieve this, make sure your beds are laid with the finest linen. It should be breathable, crisp and pristine to make your guests feel like it’s been made especially for them!


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