How to Take Proper Care of Your Hotel Bed Linens

How to Take Proper Care of Your Hotel Bed Linens

Top tips for hotel laundry maintenance

No matter whether your hotel is big or small, you need to get organised when it comes to keeping your linen clean. You may not realise, but the condition of your linen says a lot about your hotel. Dirty sheets may suggest that you don’t care about your guests, compared to crisp white sheets that look inviting and comfortable.


Here we explain some top tips for keeping your hotel laundry in good condition.

Hire your linen

Within the hospitality industry, one of the most common needs is linen. From bedsheets and towels to tablecloths and napkins, having your own linen means you also need to have somewhere to store it and a workforce who can keep them clean. Alternatively, hiring your linen is usually a more cost-effective option. In hotels, the bedding will need to be changed after every guest, however, with every wash the linen will become more and more worn out. But, with a linen hire service, you will always receive high-quality bedding each time it’s returned to you.


Another benefit of using a laundry service is flexibility. Perhaps you have a special event and would like a fancier tablecloth for the occasion, or maybe you just want to go for a different them in your hotel rooms, either way, a good hire company should have a range of products for you to choose from. In the long run, this is a more cost-effective option compared to buying them yourself, especially if they’re only needed for temporary use.


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Use a professional service

One of the most efficient ways to care for your hotel linen is to hire a professional cleaning service. Outsourcing your laundry can save you time and money, with an easy pick up and collection service that makes it easier to keep on top of your hotel linen. Furthermore, as cleaning experts, your laundry is likely to be cleaned to a much higher standard since they’ll have all the right equipment and cleaning products that will keep your laundry pristine. Running a hotel requires top organisation, and if you only have a small team or could simply do with an extra pair of hands, outsourcing your laundry could be the perfect option for you - plus, this means you don’t need to hire any additional staff too.

Upgrade your cleaning appliances

With the amount of linen that hotels get through, you need a commercial washing machine that can handle big loads. If you decide to clean your linen yourself then it’s a good idea to upgrade your appliances, especially in large hotels. The right kind of washers and dryers will efficiently clean your laundry, so you can prepare rooms on time and don’t leave guests waiting. These type of appliances are an investment - think about how many loads of washing you’ll do each week, in the long run, a good washing machine will pay for itself.

Invest in good linen

Buying cheap isn’t always the best option, as mentioned, it’s always worth making your linen an investment so don’t skrimp when it comes to purchasing more. There’s nothing better than sleeping in a cosy, clean and well-dressed bed, so don’t think that these areas will go unnoticed. Make sure you have every type of linen covered including bedding, pillowcases, table cloths, chefs uniform, blankets and more, and shop around before purchasing.

Train your staff

It’s important that you train your cleaning team properly, to ensure they all work to the same standards. Make sure you highlight the importance of clean linen and ensure that all staff double-check the cleanliness of bed sheets, napkins, tablecloths and anything else, to make sure customers have the best experience. You should also ensure that they know how to use the cleaning equipment and appliances.

Keep your linen well stocked

Having a well-stocked linen cupboard, means you have backup linen in case of any accidents. Replacing dirty linen as soon as possible will prevent stains from seeping into the fibers, leaving permanent marks and possibly ruining your linen permanently.

Enforce a stain policy

It can be hard to keep bedding and other types of linen clean, especially in hotels. Food stains, makeup, oils, grease and drinks are all common stains that may need to be treated. Some of these may require special treatment, so it may be a good idea to enforce a stain policy for stains that are hard to remove such as puke, blood, makeup and wine.

The benefits of having clean linen in your hotel

As mentioned, clean linen is a big part of your hotel, especially if you want to have satisfied customers. If your competitors have lovely clean linen and you don’t, you may never be able to compete or retain loyal customers.


Here we explain some of the top benefits of taking proper care of your linen.

Happy customers

The best reason to look after your linen is to keep your customers happy. At the end of the day, you’re providing an experience and service for your guests so you should do all you can to make it the best. Dirty tablecloths or stained bedding can instantly put customers off, ruining the rest of their stay and leave a bitter taste in their mouths about your hotel.

Good reviews

Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend you to friends and family or write a positive review about their experience online, and this could be down to the quality of your linen. You may believe that it doesn’t make a difference, but think about your own experiences. Has your hotel stay ever been ruined by dirty sheets? If so, then you know how disappointing this is, especially if it was during a special trip or holiday - this kind of thing sticks in people’s minds.

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