How to Wash Your Bed Linen Correctly

How to Wash Your Bed Linen Correctly

Your bed should be a comfortable and relaxing haven and you certainly expect the same for when you’re staying in a hotel. With that in mind, you need to ensure that you are caring for your bed linen properly so that your guests are comfortable and having an exceptional night's sleep. With this in mind, we are going to outline a few steps and pointers for ensuring that your linen is in top condition! Read on to discover more.

Put the sheets in washer

Pop your bed linen into the washer, this wash should be reserved just for bed linen. Do not mix towels with this wash as the roughness of the towels will work much like irritate the linen and cause the sheets to wear faster. Towels also produce lint balls that will end up covering sheets when mixed together in the wash.

Ensure that you don’t bundle too much into the washing machine either. An overloaded machine will end in sheets not getting a proper wash and could even cause the machine to break down - which is the least thing you want!

Add detergent

After your linens are sitting in the machine ready to wash it’s time to pop in some detergent. As instructed for your load, measure out your detergent and pop it into the washing machine. Adhere to your machines specific guidelines in terms of where the soap needs to be placed – some machines will insist that the detergent can be tossed in along with load, while others have a special compartment.

Choose your wash cycle

Newer models of washing machines may have different settings so it is very important to choose the right machine cycle to suit the sheets cleaning requirements. Some contemporary machines have a cycle made for sheets. If yours does not have a special sheet setting, then we’d recommend putting the linens on a regular cycle.

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Published on: September 8, 2021

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