Investment within Stalbridge

Investment within Stalbridge

We aim to make continual investment in all areas of our service, from machinery and equipment on site, to environmentally friendly transport solutions. To give you an idea of the investments Stalbridge are making, here’s just a few areas we’ve focussed on in 2018.

2018 has seen the Stalbridge team install a new continuous batch washer at our site in Shaftesbury, Dorset (pictured). Meaning that the linen being processed there will be pristine with a minimal turnaround time.

We’ve also invested in a new ironer at our site in Milborne Port, Dorset. Ensuring our customers have the perfect standard of product provided to their business.

Staff areas are also incredibly important to employee wellbeing and morale. Because of this we make it a priority that all of our canteens and break areas are functional and pleasant spaces. At our Southall depot we’ve just updated the canteen for our staff to enjoy.

We also make continual investments to linen and uniforms, spending around £7 million annually. Meaning that all the laundry we provide is new and in perfect condition.

By investing in assets such as new machinery and immaculate linen allows us to ensure the best possible quality and condition of our products. At Stalbridge Linen Hire we offer a range of laundry services to hotels, restaurants, kitchens and other hospitality businesses. We also have an extensive linen range allowing your pristine linen to complement the look and feel of your establishment. Find out more

Posted: May Fresh thinking