Its in the detail_why paying for your hotels linen is necessary for customer satisfaction

Its in the detail_why paying for your hotels linen is necessary for customer satisfaction

One good place to your focus efforts is the standard of linen on rotation in your hotel. Ensuring your hotel is using quality towels, tablecloths and bed linen, which are well presented, hygienic and elegant, will make a lot of difference to the feel of the hotel, at a relatively small expense.

As well as being paramount to good hygiene standards, luxurious, fluffy, towels are a real treat for your guests. If you step out of your hotel shower into a snug, fresh, cosy towel, you’re sure to feel just a little bit more satisfied with your stay.

Even if you’re only running a B&B, your choice of tablecloth will resonate with your guests. If you want the feel of a quirky, independent establishment, then make linen decisions based on this. If you’d like a real 5-star fine-dining experience at your hotel then quality table linen simply cannot be neglected.
Quality table linen is a great way to assist with the turnaround time between diners. Your waiting staff simply have to whisk away the previous tablecloth and reset the table on a fresh one.

Bed linen
The standard of hotel bed linen your establishment chooses will have a huge influence on the opinion of your customers. If they are greeted by a beautiful, inviting bed set that is soft and comfortable as well as clean and fresh, this will give a great first impression. Not to mention, it will probably allow them to have a much better night’s sleep, meaning they will leave feeling happy and satisfied.

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