Johnsons Stalbridge: the nationwide linen company

Johnsons Stalbridge: the nationwide linen company


One of the trickiest businesses to run is a restaurant. It's an astonishingly competitive market, and many restaurant owners aren't fully prepared for the practical realities of the industry when they first start out. There's a lot more to a successful restaurant than great food. For a restaurant to succeed, it needs to be able to cook up a storm while maintaining an excellent reputation and keeping costs to a minimum. Linens are one of the things restaurants often fail to consider properly. A professional linen service can do wonders for the reputation of your establishment, as well as having practical benefits when it comes to cost control.

Your employees' appearance and the appearance of your tables will have a huge impact on its success. Diners do not want to walk in and see drab, dingy tablecloths and employees in soiled uniforms. Customers walking into your establishment and seeing such disarray will not have a high opinion of it, even if the food is amazing. People like to feel clean and cared for, especially where food is concerned, and they're unlikely to return to an eatery if they have felt it was in any way dirty. 

On the other hand, if customers walk in to see crisp, clean tablecloths, perfectly attired staff, and a plethora of pristine napkins, they will instantly sense the professionalism and quality of your restaurant - and that's before they've even tasted your food! It is important to always have plenty of clean linens on hand to replace tablecloths, napkins, and the clothes and aprons of your wait staff, so your restaurant is always flawlessly clean and inviting.

Buying linens for your restaurant is an expensive affair and can incur the additional time and cost constraints of investing in machinery and staff to clean, fold and press them. Washing your linens in such a fashion will also have a detrimental effect on their quality. When you hire your linens, you never have to worry about replacing items past their best, everything will always be in perfect condition. A laundry service also takes away the cost and hassle of cleaning everything yourself. 

Restaurant linens take a particularly high level of abuse, as they have to suffer through far more staining than other types of linen. Food, wine, and other beverages will stain your linens, while the kitchen staff will frequently find they are also contending with grease, oil and other tough stains. A professional linen service will provide you with expert cleaning services, with all the latest technology and techniques for stain removal. Better yet, in the event it's impossible to remove a stain and restore an item to its original state, the item will simply be replaced.

Another factor to consider is storage. Restaurant storage space is at a premium, and priority is generally given to food and equipment, along with any furniture that isn't always in use. The storage of the large amounts of linen required to cover a restaurant's turnaround in tablecloths, napkins, and uniforms is very high - that space can be put to far better use.

Hiring a linen service ensures your restaurant always has the clean linens you require to give the highly professional and utterly inviting appearance your customers deserve. Your restaurant will always look its best, with fresh, clean and high-quality linens delivered right to your door, whenever you need them. 

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Running a hotel produces a phenomenal amount of laundry and requires an extensive collection of high-grade linens. Whether you have five rooms or five hundred, changing the sheets every day and ensuring all your rooms are spotlessly clean and perfectly presented is no small task. You may use the same style of linens throughout your hotel, requiring a very high quantity of matching linens. Alternatively, if you've opted for different styles in different rooms, you may need to ensure you always have at least one clean set of linens to match each of your rooms.

Hiring your linens or using a professional laundry service can simplify your needs considerably. As with restaurants, it ensures a continual stock of ready-to-use high-quality linens that are never past their best and reduces your costs considerably.

Linen hire takes out all the guesswork - simply let us know what you need and in what quantity, and we'll ensure you always have it. Without fail. Laundry services, on the other hand, take the troublesome task of washing all that linen off your hands. If you want to guarantee you have pristine and pressed linens for every room, every day, a commercial laundry service is the answer. 

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Hospitality and event companies

For hospitality and event companies, the maintenance of perfectly clean and pressed linens is a high priority. The difference between an outstanding event and a painful disappointment can hinge on a ripped or stained tablecloth. Businesses of this nature are incredibly busy and have a lot of plates in the air at any given time. With so much to do and such a hectic schedule, finding the time to ensure all your linens are pristine is extremely tricky. With a linen hire service, you can schedule deliveries of fresh linens and the removal of soiled items at your convenience. You have full control of your usage and costs, yet your linens are always perfectly turned out.

As with restaurants and hotels, hospitality and event businesses greatly benefit from laundry and linen services as it negates the need for dedicated staff and equipment to deal with the washing in-house. There's no need to worry about stock takes and inventory or depreciating linens because you simply hire the linens from us. This is of premium importance for businesses that, by nature, often leave their own premises and set up events and occasions in other locations, or cater to extremely large numbers.

Whatever your business, if you use linens you will greatly benefit from a linen hire service.

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