One way restaurants can make a great first impression - crisp linen

One way restaurants can make a great first impression - crisp linen

It’s elegant
Whether you’re running an immaculate, fine dining establishment or a cheery local cafe, the impact of pristine commercial table linen on newcomers is undeniable. As linen is available in a large range of colours you’ll be able to select something in keeping with the aesthetic of your restaurant.

Creating a quiet environment
A huge benefit of crisp linen that people often overlook is its noise cancelling properties. By softening, deadening and absorbing sound, pristine table linen will leave your restaurant guests able to hear each other clearly and enjoy the atmosphere. You will also have a lot more control over the feel of the restaurant if you don’t have to worry about heightening noise levels.

Crisp linen is brilliantly practical as it provides a hygienic surface for your customers to dine from. It also absorbs spills quickly, can be replaced without hassle between diners and will look good with minimal effort from staff.

At Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services, we pride ourselves on the quality service we provide to businesses within the hospitality industry.
We offer a commercial laundry service, which has been used by a number of leading restaurants around the UK. Our high quality linen can make your restaurant look clean and well-presented. Our extensive linen range is professionally cleaned to the highest standard before being put through quality control checks to ensure that our customers receive the best possible products.

Our linen products have been designed to be both traditional and contemporary. We offer an extensive range of square, rectangular and round table cloths and napkins which are laundered to pristine condition to meet the needs of any restaurant.
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