Preparing Your Hotel For The Christmas Period

Preparing Your Hotel For The Christmas Period

Plan Ahead

The first crucial step in making preparations for the Christmas period is to plan well in advance. With the increased demand and visitors during the holiday season, you must carry out a thorough inventory, to ensure you have the appropriate amount of produce for the increased numbers of guests and demand. Before you even begin to consider your budget, decorations or menu, a clear indication of what’s required moving forward is a must-have to guarantee your resources are never depleted.


Understanding the demand likely to be placed on your hotel services is an important place to start, so analysis of trends, patterns and output from previous years data is essential, as are factors such as the occupancy rate at any given time, the time of delivery for products, supply issues and storage facilities. Understanding customer demand across the holiday period will help you plan what to buy and what to expect, for instance, it’s typically best to overestimate alcohol and food consumption during Christmas, and this is always preferable to the grievance faced when demand is high but resources are limited.

Stay On-Trend

As mentioned, examine data from your previous Christmas season demand, or take a look at third-party industry research to determine if there are any patterns about which you should be aware.

Adjust Your Staffing

Organising your staffing needs early doors will ensure you avoid the chaos of being short-staffed over the festive period is eliminated. It’s important to work out schedules well in advance, as holidays and absences are common over Christmas as many people travel to visit loved ones across the country. Organising your workforce, their schedules and holidays will prevent your staffing from becoming stretched, resulting in a drop in service quality and both employee and customer dissatisfaction. To help maintain your customer service and smooth operation over the holiday season without taking on a high number of permanent employees, many businesses and hotels utilise temporary Christmas staffing to cover for the increased work load and this is something worth considering.

Note Your Inventory

As suggested, it’s important to overcompensate when considering demand over the Christmas period. When planning ahead, you will need to take an inventory of all the products you have, and how much you will need moving forward to satisfy the high demand of the festive season. Analyse data from previous years, note your inventory and order the food and drink required to easily cover your anticipated demand.


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