Preparing Your Kitchen For Christmas

Preparing Your Kitchen For Christmas

Check Your Equipment

The last thing you’ll need on a day as busy and meaningful as Christmas is for your kitchen equipment to stop functioning correctly. This is why, in the run-up to the holidays, it’s essential you perform extensive checks on all your kitchen equipment to ensure your appliances and utensils are of the appropriate standards, up-to-date and operating efficiently. Perform an extensive clean of your kitchen space and write a checklist of all equipment or facilities that need repair or replacement well before the busiest period is due to begin, to avoid the risk of avoidable issues further down the line. Though a smooth operation is never guaranteed at such a busy time of year, carrying out such thorough preparation will stand you in good stead.


Incentivise Staff

Of course, there are many of us who don’t celebrate Christmas for a number of reasons, but for the most part, many employees are making the choice to work over the holidays, likely being kept from their own celebrations, by agreeing to work on Christmas Day. This is a commitment and one that should be rightly rewarded. It’s important to encourage and incentivise your staff to work over this period, particularly on Christmas day itself. Consider a higher pay, (most companies pay time and a half), and implement methods of keeping your service staff in good spirits. Extra breaks, food, drinks, snacks and sweets are always a good way to keep morale high in the staff room!


Prepare A Menu

Nothing says ‘festive season’ like a high-quality Christmas menu. As the holidays approach, you’ll want to start bringing in new inventory for the festivities, such as mulled wine, and Christmas themed snacks and treats. This will help keep Christmas spirits high among guests throughout the month of December, and for those staying over Christmas itself, preparing the ultimate Christmas dinner menu is an absolute priority. You should consider deity requirements, to ensure your menu is able to cater to all guests, highlighting options for those with lactose intolerance, nut allergies or gluten intolerance among others. Vegetarian and vegan options should also be a priority, as they’re both increasingly popular and on-trend with every passing year.


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