Prepping your hotel for summer - 5 things to consider

Prepping your hotel for summer - 5 things to consider

The best way to prep your hotel for the summer months is to expect the unexpected! Cover your back and set yourself up with options for every eventuality. In this blog we offer you 5 things to consider when you prep your hotel for summer.


  1. Think about repairs or improvements

Whilst the weather is far from reliable in summer, you can assume that it will be warmer. Now is the time to think about repairs on your hotel. Is the heating up to scratch? How about those refurbishments you’ve been contemplating?


  1. Check your calendar

What major sporting events will be taking place this summer? If your hotel is showing matches think about how this will affect how busy you are. Do you need extra staff in for those nights?

When are the bank holidays? Be ready for more guests on them if so!

How about local events? If there’s a fair or other summer event taking place nearby, you’ll need to factor this into your plans.


  1. Evaluate your staffing needs

If summer is your busiest time of year, you’ll need to make sure you have plenty of staff trained up and ready to go. However, if your hotel is quieter during the summer months, you may want to reduce down to skeletal staff to save on labour costs.


  1. Plan for downtime or slow days

How can you and your staff put less busy days to good use? Are there maintenance or cleaning tasks you can put your mind to?


  1. Invest in linen hire services

Take this opportunity to restructure the way your hotel linen services are conducted. By employing a professional linen hire service for your hotel you will be able to save space, money and time whilst ensuring your hotel linen is of the highest quality.


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