Quality linen is still an important aspect for many restaurants

Quality linen is still an important aspect for many restaurants

Here’s just a few reasons why your restaurant linen range can make a positive, calm and inviting atmosphere for both your guests and staff:

It looks the part
Any restaurant, from high-end fine dining establishments to cosy local cafes, making the right choice of restaurant linen can be the finishing touch your business is looking for. As our restaurant linen range is available in a variety of colours you’ll be able to select something in keeping with the aesthetic of your restaurant.

It helps to absorb sound
By dressing your tables in linen, you are automatically creating a noise cancelling device. Table linen softens, deadens and absorbs sound. This means that your guests will be able to hear one another without raising voices and your control over music level and atmosphere will be greater.

It helps with cleaning
For your restaurant staff, restaurant linen is hugely practical when it comes to resetting tables. Linen provides an absorbent surface that absorbs spills quickly, prevents damage from glasses that have been knocked over and speeds up the turnaround between guests leaving and a new table being set.

At Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services, we offer a high quality commercial laundry service, which has been used by a number of leading restaurants around the UK. Our stunning range of linen can make your restaurant look clean and well-presented. All of our range is professionally cleaned to the highest standard before being put through quality control checks to ensure that our customers receive the best possible products.

Our linen products have been designed to be both traditional and contemporary. We offer an extensive range of square, rectangular and round tablecloths and napkins which are laundered to pristine condition to meet the needs of any restaurant.
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