Restaurant Customer Service Tips

Restaurant Customer Service Tips

Employ the right people

Your employees are the face of your business and therefore it’s important that you hire the right people. Your front of house team are who your customers interact with the most; the reputation of your business relies on their attitude, service and friendliness. When hiring your team, look for employees who are energetic, friendly, polite and positive. Remember, you can teach basic skills, but you can’t train someone to have a positive attitude in the workplace.

Train your team

Once you’ve found the right team, it’s time to train them up to ensure that they can offer the best customer service possible. Teach them about your business and what kind of service you’d like them to offer - for example, opening doors for customers, greeting guests at the door, introducing themselves at the customer’s table, regularly refilling water glasses, replacing napkins and periodically checking on customers. Make sure your employees know your menu back to front so that they can guide, recommend and advise customers and answer any dietary questions.

Make a good impression

As well as having the right attitude, it’s important that your employees look the part too. First impressions go a long way and therefore it’s essential that your team looks clean and presentable. Create a clear dress code and uniform policy to ensure that your staff look presentable at all times. Some restaurants simply tell their staff to wear black clothing, whereas others invest in smart uniforms.


It’s also important that your chefs and kitchen staff look clean and presentable. Ensure that they also follow a strict uniform policy (including jackets, trousers, aprons, hair nets and hats) when in the kitchen.

Welcome customer feedback

Customer feedback from every single person who walks through the door of your restaurant is both important and valuable. Give your customers the opportunity to provide their feedback; comment cards at the end of their meal is a simple and easy way to collect feedback. Include questions about the quality of service and whether they’d recommend your restaurant to a friend, along with any suggestions they have.


Not only do customers feel like their opinions and thoughts matter, but it’s also a good way to improve your restaurant and ensure everyone is happy. To thank them for their time, offer your customers a free drink or dessert voucher.


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