Restaurant Linens: 101

Restaurant Linens: 101

One of the reasons that linen tablecloth hire is so important is that these seemingly simple pieces of fabric speak volumes about your restaurant. They reinforce your interior design motif and set the stage for the dining experience. As such, it’s important that your establishment’s tablecloths are carefully selected, spotless and beautifully presented. Your customers will take note.

Here are a few key considerations to keep in mind when shopping for the right type of table linen to hire:


When it comes to making a good impression natural fibres are softer, and they feel more luxurious. Cotton and linen are the two most popular natural fibres. The downside to these fabrics is that they are more difficult to clean – but that’s not a problem when you hire table cloths from Stalbridge Linen Services. We deliver fresh, clean linens to you so that your team can focus on upkeep and service in your establishment.

It also warrants noting that the best-quality linens are durable as well, especially when they’re going to see the amount of traffic that a popular restaurant creates. Generally speaking, you can feel the difference, so make a point of asking your hire service provider for samples to inspect first.


The texture of your restaurant linens is at least partially related to their quality, but it’s tied up in more sensory aspects of the customer experience as well. Guests will lay their hands on the table, rest their elbows on its edge and interact with the fabric in many other ways as well. As we mentioned above, the feel of a restaurant linen indicate its quality, and this isn’t going to be lost on patrons.

Thickness is part of the texture, and there are several different ways to measure it. For bed linens, thread count is preferred, while towels are more likely to report thickness and density in grams per square metre (gsm). Yarn count is yet another. None of these are terribly important for table cloth hire – though your hiring service will certainly have product specifications like this available for you.

Instead, the most important consideration is how the linen feels when you run your hand over it. Think about the restaurant’s theme and décor, and ask your interior designer which textures they recommend. Usually, something soft and of medium thickness is preferable, but this certainly depends on a range of variables.


This is a much easier characteristic to conceptualise and form an opinion about. White is the most popular colour for restaurant linens, if only because they clean up beautifully and add an immaculate edge to the restaurant’s overall design. When you sit down at a table with brilliant white linens, there’s no question that the table setting is clean and ready to accommodate.

At Stalbridge Linen Services, we offer hire tablecloths in a range of colours. Have a look at our restaurant linen range , and you’ll find all of the following colours available:

  • White
  • Buttermilk
  • Black
  • Red
  • Burgundy
  • Dark blue
  • Dark green
  • Gold
  • Biscuit

We have an even greater range of colours and patterns available for serviettes, adding a touch of vibrancy to your table setting. When selecting the right colour for your restaurant, it’s best to consult your interior designer for tips. As mentioned, white is traditional, but it’s by no means an obligatory colour for serious restaurateurs. Meanwhile, darker colours may be more popular for home use because they hide stains, but this isn’t an issue for anyone taking advantage of our table linen hire. We do all of the washing so you don’t have to.


Restaurant tables come in a range of sizes, and we have linens to suit just about any set-up. One key consideration here is drop length, which indicates the amount of fabric that hangs down from the edge of the table. A full length linen (one that drops all the way to the floor) is the most formal, but more casual restaurants can certainly get away with something shorter.

Determining the drop length is more complicated than first assumed. Square tables are easy enough, as a square-shaped linen will suffice. Calculating the drop for circular and rectangular tables is not that much more involved, but there are a few extra calculations. Your table linen company can help with these.

Finally, table runners are also an option. These hug the outer edge of the table and hang down like a skirt, concealing the hanging edge of the tablecloth.

If you’re currently looking for a hire table linen service for your restaurant, Stalbridge Linen Services undoubtedly has a service package to suit your needs. Contact us today with any questions or for a free, no-obligation quote.

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