Running an Environmentally Friendly Restaurant

Running an Environmentally Friendly Restaurant

A restaurant that is not just interested in making delicious food and money but also holds itself accountable for its wider impact, using active measures to lower the footprint of their activities and promote more sustainable consumption is so important.


You should be aiming for a restaurant with sustainable management systems, materials and a food selection based on products that respect animal welfare, sustainable agriculture and sustainable day to day running measures. Here we list a few simple things you can implement:


Ideas for being an eco-friendly restaurant:

  • Make and prepare seasonal food according to the seasonal fresh products and available with local suppliers. Have zero-kilometre suppliers and base the menu on these products, as well as on natural ingredients.


  • Be sure that these suppliers are fair trade, use biodegradable materials for their deliveries and agree to make timely shipments to reduce fuel emissions.


  • Bring back traditional cooking systems such as pickling, marinating or fermenting and opt for more of an artisan process.


  • Lower waste to turn stock into ingredients again. For example, where a very ripe tomato that is not useful for salads could be used for a sauce.


  • Vigilantly manage stock and expiration dates. With a strong labelling and storage system, waste can be very much lowered and you can cook based on it.


  • Make quantities in accordance with customers' actual consumption levels. This also reduces waste, and just the right amount is cooked.


  • Have a specific recycling and compost station in the kitchen. You must separate the leftovers, organize them and ensure that they are properly collected. It is the most efficient way to lower part of the restaurant's carbon footprint.


  • Donate any surplus food and help increase local business. Make alliances with companies and associations that distribute these leftovers.


Here at Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services, we’re passionate about the environment. This is why we do everything we can to ensure our services are as environmentally friendly as possible. Over the years, we’ve replaced much of our processing machinery with equipment that uses significantly less energy and water to run. In addition, our modern and environmentally friendly equipment is more cost-effective to run. To find out more about what we can do for you, get in touch.

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