Simple Ways to Make Your Hotel Attractive to Business Travellers

Simple Ways to Make Your Hotel Attractive to Business Travellers

After all, becoming a firm favourite amongst people who travel regularly for business can be extremely lucrative. Not only do you encourage customer loyalty and ensure business travellers choose your hotel first every time, but you also open up opportunities for large bookings. If corporate guests recommend your establishment to fellow business travellers, you could become the top choice of hotel for lots of different companies. There are even more opportunities to gain customers and develop a positive reputation if your hotel has conference facilities.


Making your hotel attractive to business travellers doesn’t necessarily mean making huge changes. If you don’t already have conference facilities or boardrooms, you don’t need to build them to encourage corporate guests to book a stay. Just a few simple changes, such as giving guests the option to book rooms with desks, could put your hotel on the map. 


With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of simple ways to make your hotel more attractive to business travellers. From corporate guests flying overseas to digital nomads on the go, here’s how a few key adjustments can help your hotel welcome business guests.


Design a simple online booking system


Now more than ever, hotel guests expect to reserve hotel rooms and manage bookings online. This is especially true for corporate guests. They may be arriving from all over the world, so being able to see their booking online and make adjustments with just the click of a button is hugely important.


To offer a simple and efficient online booking system, you may want to register with some of the leading booking portals and comparison sites. This will also make managing bookings easier for you, as your staff will be able to see everything clearly on a computer screen.


Offer hotel bedrooms with desks and office chairs


We’ve already mentioned one of the simplest ways to entice more business travellers to your hotel: offering rooms with desks. By giving guests the option to book rooms with desks and office chairs, you can easily make your hotel stand out amongst others in the local area. If it’s a choice between two hotels, one with space to work and one without, it’s easy to see which establishment will win!


Additionally, desks and office chairs don’t need to take up much room. They also don’t have to be expensive, however, ergonomic furniture will be better received by your guests - especially those who need to work for long periods.


Supply each room with desk lamps and stationery


Another simple yet effective way to turn your hotel bedrooms into functional working spaces is to supply each room with a desk lamp. For guests who need to work through the night, the option to make the room brighter will be highly appreciated.


To impress your guests further, why not offer stationery? You’d be surprised at how many guests might need a notebook or pen during their stay. By offering a few complimentary items of stationery, you could really help your business guests out.


Make sure you have plenty of plug outlets


Having access to plug outlets is a must for business travellers. They will need to charge laptops, tablets and phones during their stay - and having access to plug outlets will make it easier than ever to do this.


In addition to making sure your hotel rooms have lots of plug outlets, consider their position. You should have plug outlets next to the bed for lamps and phone chargers, but also underneath desks. This will allow guests to keep their laptops charged while they work.


Invest in reliable Wi-Fi


Without a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection, your business guests won’t be able to work efficiently. This is one of the most important factors to take into account when running a hotel. Reliable Wi-Fi is a great selling point!


You may lose customers on the spot if your Wi-Fi connection is weak or nonexistent, especially those with work to do. This is what makes fast Wi-Fi such a vital component of any successful hotel.


Once you’ve invested in great Wi-Fi, advertise this on your website to attract new customers. Wi-Fi is especially appealing if it’s free to overnight guests!


Soundproof your hotel rooms


Soundproofing your hotel rooms is something every hotelier should commit to. After all, soundproofed hotel rooms can prevent guest complaints by reducing noise levels significantly. Every guest who stays with you deserves a restful night’s sleep, but for corporate guests, being able to settle down in peace is even more crucial.


Soundproofing your hotel rooms can take various forms. Great ideas include carpeting bedrooms and hallways, investing in thicker bedroom doors and double-glazing the building’s windows.


Offer a comfortable sleep experience with fresh linen


There’s more to offering a great sleeping experience than soundproofing your hotel rooms. You also need to invest in quality beds and the finest hotel linen to ensure that your guests have a comfortable stay. Why is this important? Well, after a long day of travelling, attending conferences and adjusting to a new city, your business guests will need to sleep well. Offering a luxurious sleeping environment is the most effective way to make this happen.


You should also remember that corporate guests will likely be travelling alone. Offering a home away from home is a great way to leave your guests feeling valued and appreciated. Achieve this by investing in only the highest-quality bed sheets for them to sink into after a long day at work.


Create a home away from home


For corporate guests, staying in a hotel is not a holiday - it’s business. They will need the same luxuries to hand as they would at home, especially if they are attending important conferences and meetings during their trip.


With this in mind, make sure you have toiletries and other essentials ready for your guests to use.


In addition to toiletries, offer:


  • Luxuriously soft towels for a refreshing shower
  • A fluffy bathrobe for post-work relaxation
  • An ironing board and iron for creased blouses and shirts
  • A kettle with a selection of tea and coffee sachets.


Arriving at a hotel late at night and realising you’ve forgotten to pack body wash may not be a big deal for someone on holiday, but it could be hugely stressful for someone meeting their new boss in the morning! Bear this in mind when stocking your rooms.


Offer business-friendly services


If there’s one thing every corporate guest expects from a hotel, it’s an alarm service. Late nights and early mornings often come as standard for people who travel for work, and getting up on time for important meetings and conferences can be tough. As a result, many hotel guests request alarm services to wake them up in the morning. Offering this service won’t cost you anything but could make your business guests feel much more relaxed.


Other business-friendly services, such as dry cleaning and shoe shining services, will also go down well with your guests. After all, waking up to a freshly washed shirt and gleaming shoes can really set you up for the day!


Offering a dry-cleaning service is much easier if you outsource the rest of your hotel’s laundry services, as you won’t need to juggle everything at once. Outsourcing laundry services for your bed linen, towels and chefs' whites will free up the time and resources you need to deliver reliable dry-cleaning to your guests.


Make healthy convenience food part of your hotel menu


If your hotel has a restaurant, adjust your menu slightly to cater to your busiest guests. Guests who travel for work will appreciate grab-and-go options, especially healthy dishes, to make sure they’re never late for meetings. Often, meetings and conferences overrun and busy workers don’t have time to sit down for a full meal, so healthy convenience food could be truly welcome.


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