Six Tips to Improve Housekeeping

Six Tips to Improve Housekeeping

Clear the clutter first

Starting with what feels like a blank canvas can make a room all the more easier to clean. Before cleaning commences, make sure all clutter is removed; this includes rubbish in bins, dirty linens and towels, old shampoos and toothpaste tubes and any other things left around the room. Never wipe around items, always clear everything first.


Clean the bedroom then the bathroom

When it comes to your hotel, cleanliness always comes first. For minimal bacterial transfer, it’s important the bathroom and bedrooms are cleaned separately. We recommend starting with cleaning the bedroom and then moving to the bathroom area, helping to improve sanitation and controlling overall cleanliness.


Hoover the furniture

You may be surprised by how often sofas and chairs are bypassed during cleaning. Make sure furniture is clean and all dust and dirt is removed with a hoover. An attachment can be used to quickly remove dirt and dust, enhancing the cleanliness of the room and boosting its appearance too.


Open windows

Before the cleaning commences, take the time to open the windows and curtains. Natural light and fresh air will instantly freshen up the room and allow the room to “breathe”. Good ventilation is key, especially when you’re cleaning with chemicals and strong products.


Always inspect the mattress

The key to the perfect hotel stay is a good night’s sleep, and your guests aren’t going to get one on an old or damaged mattress. Every time you change a bed, make sure you inspect the mattress for any damage or wear to ensure everything stays in tip-top condition.


Use mattress protectors to extend lifespan

With the above in mind, one way to extend the lifespan of mattresses and ensure they stay in top condition is to use mattress protectors. Using a mattress protector can save your hotel a lot of money and protect your mattresses from stains, liquids, allergens and dust mites - all things that will lead to damage and cost you more money.


The real secret to a top-notch housekeeping plan is having a reliable laundry hire company on board to ensure you always have access to clean, high-quality hotel linen. At Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services, we can take the stress out of housekeeping for you with our commercial linen hire and laundry services across the UK. To learn more, visit our website.

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