Extranet explained

Extranet explained

The Stalbridge Extranet is a portal which allows our customers to access their account details on the internet. Our customers can view their details, copy invoices, linen usage, delivery details and much more.

This offers complete account transparency, making us unique in the industry. The Stalbridge extranet provides the facilities for you to be able to manage your account online. 

To sign up to Extranet, visit http://my.stalbridge-linen.com/index.php and follow the below steps:

1 -  Firstly you will need to register your account, by clicking on register here. 

This will allow you to create an account by entering your name, surname, email address and password.

2 - You will need an invoice number and your account code. Your account code can be found on your invoice under Laundry Code in the top right hand corner and is normally a 4 letter word. 

3 - Once you have entered these details you will receive an email to the email address that you used with a verification code on it and will be shown the following screen. Please enter the verification code you received. 

4 - Once the code has been accepted you will be directed back to the original home page and be able to log onto your account using the email address and password you originally provided. 

If you have any issues with signing up please email info@stalbridge-linen.com

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