Sustainability: Top of the Agenda for Hoteliers

Sustainability: Top of the Agenda for Hoteliers

There are many benefits to be had by making your business more sustainable. Environmental benefits aside, there are also economical reasons for adopting this approach, as well as a more positive brand image and a competitive advantage over your rivals.

The report itself states: "Sustainability will become a defining issue for the industry in 2015 and beyond. Rising populations and increasingly scarce resources will provide a challenging business environment in which sustainability will need to be embedded within all facets of the industry, rather than regarded as a standalone issue."

While researchers felt that sustainability is not yet "fully embedded in business thinking," its importance is coming more and more into the foreground. And customers seem to agree, with the report showing that the majority of business travellers (95%) feel that hotels should be making efforts to go 'green.'

In fact, as sustainability becomes increasingly popular it's likely that being environmentally irresponsible will be viewed as less acceptable by society.

Experts say that this represents a major cultural shift. Just a few years ago, there was very little customer awareness of the issue; but Deloitte's latest findings show that in nearly all parts of the world, 30% of customers make purchases with sustainability in mind.

The hospitality industry is one that will be particularly affected by sustainability issues, as it consumes a lot of energy and is vulnerable to external factors such as water shortages. The report also notes that it is largely an optional spend for most people.

To deal with this, the topic of sustainability will need to be addressed by all decision-makers within a company, and initiatives must become a key part of business plans.

"Sustainability initiatives currently range from operational changes such as linen and towel re-use programmes, energy management projects or using green cleaners to development initiatives such as pursuing green building certifications like LEED," the report explains.

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Posted: February Environment