Tablescaping: Trends in Beautiful Table Settings

Tablescaping: Trends in Beautiful Table Settings

Throughout lockdown, inevitably, tablescaping has become a real phenomenon. There are lots of people working from home, witnessing their social lives becoming much more quiet and keen for some kind of comfort. The focus for lots of people has centred around home improvements and when and where possible, treating ourselves to a fine dining experience when we are able to.

With this in mind, here in this blog, we will explore the phenomenon of tablescaping. How can you achieve a beautiful table setting in your restaurant and why it is rising in popularity not just at home, but also in the hospitality industry too.

Where to begin

Pick a theme and let this simple decision guide your decor choices. This sounds really obvious but this is the thing that will help evolve your ideas, go with colours and textures that you’ve seen and loved. You can take inspiration from anywhere you find it! 

Perhaps a holiday you’ve been on with rustic, outdoor dining. Or perhaps a formal celebration you have attended at a fine dining restaurant for a special occasion which stood out to you.

Once you have a few ideas about what you want and like, you can start collecting interesting pieces that anchor a great theme. It doesn’t even have to be fancy either, the high-low approach to dressing that interior designers frequently advise is the same when it comes to home entertainment too.

Cloth napkins on a bare table say casual but elegant and a full Sunday lunch laid out on a vintage table cloth with the dish names written beside each plate in marker pen says formal but also playful and fun.

These ideas also offer you great conversation starters and are useful to a table full of acquaintances rather than friends. When dining out with friends or family, a great table setting can also be a wonderful way to break the ice around the table.

Interesting and informal table dressings

A table dressed completely in white does one thing only and this makes everyone nervous about creating a mess.  Try to consider what your experiences have been like in a traditionally formal restaurant you’ve been to, perhaps a bit of anxiety, right? So unless your theme is stress, throw some kind of element colour into the mix as well. This could be napkins or even a floral display on the table.

Lots of people like a classic white dinner set, and that’s totally fine, this is a classic choice and everyone is going to have slightly different tastes and preferences.

In most cases, if you want to bring some new dimensions to the table, add some colour with patterned platters, coloured glassware, interesting embroidered placemats and coloured napkins.

Looking for an organic source of colour? A simple display of whatever wildflower is growing in your garden as your centrepiece in a glass jar. Be led by your surroundings and use what is available to you.

Keep it simple

The obvious element to add to the table styling has to be the tablecloth. It's the fastest and simplest way to transform any table or surface in your restaurant or home into a gorgeous tablescape.

Whether it is a bold print, statement colour or subtly textured, a tablecloth instantly adds interest into a setting and anchors the whole look. Great linen tablecloths, once really hard to find, are popping up more frequently nowadays and can often be rented for additional ease.

Invest in key pieces

You can pick up a beautiful vase or set of coaster sets for a reasonable price, as well as this there are some aspects of your table where quality is essential. Quality cutlery for example is another factor to be considered.

When it comes to beautiful dinner plates and cutlery, mismatched dinner plates and even glassware can be quaint and very endearing, adding a real rustic country-style charm. Also, napkins. You can’t get away with paper napkins past a certain age so invest in a decent set of linen napkins for your home or your business.

Make space

You might not be so into centrepieces, often many like to treat the food as the star of the table. This often leads to classic rookie errors: styling so much that it becomes hard to actually dine at the table.

Perhaps you want diners to be able to communicate and speak to each other, and everyone to be able to access the food, especially if this is a tapas environment.

In order to make your food the centrepiece, use serving ware in different sizes and shapes, and complimentary serving utensils is a great idea. No plastic-coated tongs at the table though, this is too informal.


A great dinner is all in the atmosphere. Don’t just think about what’s on the table to bring a meal to life. Think about all the senses involved. So many simple things you can do will make a difference.

For example, a beautiful room spray to transport you to a destination, good music to create the ambience and a well-stocked bar or some fantastic aperitives or cocktails at the ready will make a party feel exciting and inviting just as much as the table itself and how it looks.

Practicality but also stylish  

When it comes to the fundamentals of table styling, a little care goes a long way to making it perfect. Keep your larger styling elements to the middle of the table so guests aren’t bumping into things. If floristry isn’t your forte,  just have one kind of bloom on the table.

Use linen napkins for added texture: loose or knotted rather than stiffly folded under cutlery. Less is certainly more, so it should have all of the following: placemats, napkins, tablecloths, coasters, napkin rings.

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