The Do’s and Don’ts of Hotel Linen

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hotel Linen


If you want your hotel rooms to live up to expectations or even go above and beyond that, invest in the best linen that you can afford and stay prepared. It’s easy to keep your hotel looking and feeling fresh once you know how!


Change your hotel room bedding

You should change your bedding after every guest in your hotel. Allowing your guests to sleep in the same bed linen will make your rooms a breeding ground for bacteria and in the long run, this could ruin your reputation. If guests are staying for more than one night then you don’t need to change the bedding at every opportunity but still keep the room clean.


Invest in good quality towels

Rough, itchy towels are not ideal. Don’t keep old towels if they are not long usable and this won’t be a pleasant experience for those staying with you. Instead, upgrade to something better such as premium towels


Provide extra blankets, pillows and bedding

It’s your job to keep your guests comfortable so it’s a good idea to keep a supply of spare pillows and blankets. Something as simple as providing an extra pillow can make all the difference to your guests as good customer service is essential.



As well as the things you should be doing to keep your hotel linen in the best condition there are also things you need to avoid! Steer clear of these mistakes and your hotel will keep your staff satisfied.


Lay your tables with dirty linen

When you’re sitting down and enjoying a meal the last thing you want to see is stains and dirt on the tablecloth. Never reuse dirty linen as it will show your customers that you don’t pay attention to detail or care about their experience with you.


Take guests to the room before its ready

Making sure that your rooms are clean and ready before your guests arrive is important but equally, in a busy hotel, it’s easy to run behind schedule. If a guest arrives early, don't be tempted to bring them up to a room that hasn’t been cleaned as it’s likely to end in disappointment.


Underestimate how much linen you need

You’ll be surprised how much linen you get through in a day. The worst thing you can do is underestimate this amount and be left with not enough bedding or towels to go around so always stay prepared!


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