The Importance Of Chef’s Whites

The Importance Of Chef’s Whites

It may seem obvious, but the colour white was chosen to signify cleanliness – something that’s especially important for those who may be visible to customers, such as head chefs.

But there are also practical reasons for this colour choice; white is the most reflective colour, so this helps chefs to stay cool in the heat of the kitchen. White cotton can also be bleached, which means that even badly stained jackets can be brought back to life with a good laundering.

Another practical benefit of chef’s whites is that the heavy cotton helps to insulate the body from the dangerous heat of stoves and ovens; whilst being ‘breathable’ enough for body heat to escape. If wearing a jacket with sleeves, this will also protect the wearer’s arms when they reach across stoves in often very busy environments.

The double-breasted feature is another design element with a practical – as well as aesthetic- purpose. As chefs are likely to get a bit messy when preparing food, the double breast and buttons mean that if the front of the jackets becomes stained, the wearer can reverse the flaps to reveal a clean outer layer, maintaining a high standard of appearance.

The benefits of this clothing for chefs are clear; but providing quality whites and uniforms for kitchen staff can also be beneficial for restaurant owners. Not only will your team feel smarter when wearing them, they will look far more professional when greeting customers or if a member of the public gets a glimpse behind-the-scenes.

Our chef’s whites come in either short or long-sleeved, and you can choose from black or white buttons. Our ‘Executive Chef Jacket’ also comes with blue or black piping and matching stud buttons, to give your head chef a truly professional finish.

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