The Modern Day Chef: How Has Being a Chef Changed?

The Modern Day Chef: How Has Being a Chef Changed?

On the face of it, you might think that chefs simply prepare and serve food. Over time, the role has evolved and they are now responsible for so much more. As well as food trends changing, there have also been developments in the way we prepare food and how we eat at restaurants. Rather than having an influence in the kitchen, chefs now also have an impact on the outside too. So how has being a chef changed? Let us explain what the modern day chef role looks like!

Open Kitchens 

A recent innovation in the hospitality sector is the introduction of open kitchens. Whilst this is not featured in every restaurant, open kitchens allow for customers to see their food being prepared, whilst enabling them to communicate with the chef. This can add a personal touch to the dining experience as they are able to communicate with the chef. As a result of this, chefs now have to ensure they are wary of their behaviour at all times because they are in the eye of the public. 


The Chef Uniform

The first mention of a chef uniform was in fifteen-century illustrations in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and a cookbook by Marie-Antoine Careme which contained a drawing of two chefs wearing a toque, trousers and an apron. Whilst this is not too far removed from what we have today, the material that is used in kitchen uniforms has changed. Today's selection of fabrics benefits the practicality and comfort of what is needed to be a chef. Touching again on open kitchens, because chefs are visible to the public then this means that chef clothing is even more important. At Johnson’s Stalbridge Linen Services, we specialise in chef wear that guarantees comfortability, hygiene and safety.


Education Programmes

Cookery schools and education programmes have become prevalent over the years, allowing chefs to fulfil their ambition of running a kitchen. Without these courses, students are restricted when it comes to learning and mastering cookery techniques. Now that countless people are graduating with culinary degrees and a lot of experience behind their belts, this means that high-quality restaurants are becoming filled with competent chefs. As a result of this, modern chefs always have to come up with something innovative in order to bring new customers into the business.


At Johnson’s Stalbridge Linen Services, we take pride in providing chef wear that is in so many of the country’s leading kitchens. We understand what it takes to be a modern day chef, that’s why we provide our clients with comfortable and practical kitchen uniforms. Whether it be gourmet jackets, waist aprons or even kitchen cloths, our range of kitchen products has got you covered. If you believe that Stalbridge Linen Services are the right company for you, then get in touch with our team today!



Published on: April 26, 2022

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