Three Guest Expectations Every Hotel Should Meet

Three Guest Expectations Every Hotel Should Meet

Good hygiene levels


Nobody wants to stay in an unclean establishment, so making sure your hotel has a great hygiene rating is essential. To do so, it’s important to focus on the smaller details as well as the large, so make sure your towels are spotless, your bed linen is crisp and your chef’s whites are gleaming.


Comfortable bedding


Your guests are checking into your hotel because they need somewhere to sleep, and a poor night’s sleep will certainly leave them feeling disgruntled. To give your guests the most comfortable sleep possible, invest in high-quality beds, replace your mattresses regularly and make sure you have the finest linen sheets.


Sustainability practices


People like to know they’re putting their money towards businesses that do their bit for the planet, so making sure your hotel adopts as many sustainability practices as possible is key. There are many great ways to do this, from installing automatic lights to renting out bikes to customers.


Another great way to reduce your hotel’s carbon footprint is to outsource your linen hire and laundry services to a company with efficient machinery and an eco-friendly ethos, such as Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services.


In fact, with our range of quality linen hire services and more, we can help you meet every expectation on this list. We’re proud to supply the highest standard of linen to hotels and restaurants across the UK, using environmentally-friendly methods to reduce our water usage and carbon footprint as much as possible. For more information about our range of linen hire services, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of professionals today.

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