Three Services You Should Think About When Starting a Hotel Business

Three Services You Should Think About When Starting a Hotel Business

Food deliveries
If you’re going to offer food in your hotel, even just breakfast, it may be a good idea to arrange food deliveries. This is a great way of supporting other local businesses and ensuring that your stock levels never run low so you can serve your guests without worry. Weekly deliveries will keep your kitchen full of fresh items, plus this will save you any time spent going to the supermarket - which may be hard to manage if you run a large hotel.

Linen services
Bedsheets, chefs wear and table linen are all required in a hotel. Hiring an external linen service is a great option to consider so you can rest assured that your linen is always hygienic. Simply choose the type of linen you need and the company will deliver it straight to your premises, collecting your old linen at the same time to be cleaned. Renting linen means you haven’t got to worry about purchasing new sets and you can save money on additional in-house staff members as well as commercial cleaning appliances.

Nobody wants to stay in a dirty hotel, but cleaning services can help. A professional cleaning team will help to maintain high standards whether you need help every day or just a couple of times a week. Customers notice even small areas of dirt and this could be the difference between them coming back or leaving a bad review and going elsewhere. They will work around your needs, so your hotel staff can concentrate on offering great customer service.


At Stalbridge Linen Service, we’re on hand to match your linen needs whether you’re a large hotel or small cafe. Our experience in the hospitality industry means we are well aware of the hygiene standards that must be met and plus the quality of our products will help you create the best first impression to your customers. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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