Tips for Converting to Commercial Laundry Services

Tips for Converting to Commercial Laundry Services

Compare the costs

One of the main reasons people choose to switch to commercial laundry services is to save money, so it’s important to ensure you’re doing just that. To give you peace of mind you’re making worthwhile savings, you’ll need to compare your current costs of laundering to the costs of commercial laundry services.


Remember to include every laundry-related expense, no matter how small. You’ll more than likely be surprised by how much you can save by outsourcing your laundry; being clear on the costs and seeing your savings will give you that extra push to make the move.


Take an environmental stance

Not only are commercial laundry services better equipped to handle large volumes of laundry and clean items to a higher standard, but they also use less water, gas and electricity to clean items. By outsourcing your laundry, you can save on water and other resources, making your business more environmentally friendly and saving you more money down the line too. This is something you can proudly tell employees and customers alike.


Prepare your employees

Converting to commercial laundry services will likely be a big change for your business and therefore your employees too. As with any big change, it’s important everyone is prepared - and this is where training is key. The switch will impact some teams more than others, but it’s important to work closely with your new commercial laundry services to develop a training plan that works for everyone involved.


This means determining the best laundry pickup and delivery times, training staff on what is required of them during these times and working out the demands of your property and needs of your guests.


Find the right company

Most importantly, it’s crucial you have the right company on board. This means finding a commercial laundry service that understands your requirements and is happy to provide a bespoke service that meets your individual needs as a business. Ask businesses similar to yours for recommendations and don’t forget to read client reviews and testimonials when searching for the right linen hire company to work with.


At Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services, we offer commercial linen hire and laundry services across the UK. We’re on hand to communicate with our clients at any time and offer service methods to suit all different types of customers. To learn more about us, visit our website.

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